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You are the owner of a vacation home, of one or more log cabins in Nova Scotia and would like to rent out your vacation accommodations. You have a restaurant, B&B, or offer adventure tours in Nova Scotia and would like to include the German speaking tourism market in your promotion.

Why not take advantage of our offer and advertise under www.nova-scotia.org. We have an excellent key word position in the listings of the top German language search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Excerpt from the search result listings (as of February 22, 2009)
www.yahoo.de: Keyword: Nova Scotia – 1st entry of 142,000.000 websites
www.google.de: Keyword: Urlaub Nova Scotia – 1st entry of 48,600 Websites
(germ. Urlaub = engl. Holiday)

What are the costs of my listing with NSTS?
Your listing costs CAN $8.00 per month (plus 15% HST) and must be prepaid for 12 months. Unless it is cancelled in writing 3 months prior to termination, the listing will be extended automatically.

What information do I need to provide for a listing with NSTS?
1) We require 3 photos (JPG), 72 dpi, ca. 400x300px (Format: horizontal) and a text with the following content:
- Headline for your ad
- Description
- Rates
– Contact (address, telephone, fax, email, website)
– What activities do you offer or are locally available?
Please feel free to look at our existing listings for reference and to ensure that your ad is complete.
2) Please send this information by email


We will confirm receipt of your registration and check it for completeness as well as for relevance for the purpose of our website. We will then let you know whether we can accept your advertisement in our listings and, if so, we will provide you with our banking information so that you can transfer the basic annual fee of $96.00 (plus HST). After receipt of the fee, we will place your listing online.

Please let us know under which category you would like to list. Should you want to list under more than one category (max. three), then we request that, in turn,  you provide a link on your own website to our site, www.nova-scotia.org. Of course, please feel free anytime to place a link to our website.

Our services for owners of vacation home rentals:
We are pleased to offer local property management, e.g. cleaning, housekeeping, etc. for property owners who do not live year-round in Canada. Please contact us for further information. We would also be happy to assist you with the rental of your property!

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